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 Mr. Alonge is an artist, educator, author and social worker with over 25 years of experience. He has used his program in his Boston, MA area art center and while consulting with schools and towns, as well as his classrooms and therapy sessions. 

He believes that when an individual finds outlets for creative expression, they can feel success in the most meaningful sense and that through support of a supportive system, they can achieve an “expression-filled” life that help th

Bob Alonge

Bob AlongeBob Alonge is a life-long teacher who has begun to express his talents in art, music and writing in ways that were long suppressed. He is an activist and teacher at the New Song Arts Center in Rockland, Mass.

Art 4 All (Beech River Books, 2006) tells the story of the creation of New Songs Art Center and the story of Alonge's evolution as an educator, artist and facilitator. His mission is to make art available and accessible to all, to try to bring art "to us" as an experience so that it flows "through us" and ultimately "out of us." This experiential approach is different from the traditional approaches to art education and applies not only to the visual and fine arts but to music, crafts, and other media and forms where creative expression is paramount. Alonge sets forth a model for a community center that fosters artistic interaction among all ages, modes of expression, and ranges of experience and shows how his personal growth has been affected by the gradual realization of this vision.


I am proud to announce that my first book, entitled "Art 4 All, An Artist's Journey in this World" "ART 4 ALL is a hope. Art 4 All is a dream. Art 4 all came from my past... is my present and our future." Bob Alonge 2004 The book reflects back on my 20 plus years of being an educator in many different settings. My path towards writing this book was not deliberate but instead, empirical. I believe that the book came to me and all I had to do was write it down. "I was just being obedient". The book focuses on the way I feel about art- that it is experiential, in that it must keep flowing "to us" and "through us" and if we allow these things, it will then come "out" of us. The book speaks of how it is not so much the job of educators and government to "teach" art but that society has the responsibility to make sure that art is "available" and "accessible" to all. A case is made in this book that this is not so much the case in America and explains how this greatly affects individuals and our society as a whole. If art is truly "inherent" in every person, like the book will make claims, then Picasso's words cannot be any truer, "Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." This book empowers every reader to take some part in ensuring that ART IS FOR All.



A typical day turns into a whole new life, thanks to a troubled cousin.


Living Simply 

Living Simply is practiced by learning from and leaning on the simplicity of the Bible and applying it to our lives.



STONES is a "how to" for Christian living. God's word provides the guidelines.